An Introduction to Project Management

A Practical course designed to introduce people to the core principles of Project Management.


With change being the norm for many successful organisations – Managers, Team Leaders and others are nowadays required to play a key role or even run projects for their organisation.

This is a practical course which introduces the core skills and techniques of Project Management, preparing people to create and manage a successful project.  Many of the techniques are also useful in ‘business as usual’ activity as well.


The core content of the course includes:


  • Define – The key features of a Project, Developing a Project Definition Report, Identifying deliverables/products, benefits & resources
  • Plan – Building a Project Plan, Scheduling Tasks, Recognising Dependencies, Understanding ‘Earliest Start Time / Latest Finish Time / Float’
  • Manage – Building a common understanding of the Project Plan, Monitoring & Reporting Progress, Managing Risks & Issues, Cost v Time v Quality
  • Review  Moving the Project to Business as Usual, Monitoring Benefits, Lessons Learned


Duration: One day course


The course is practical, using a scenario for people to develop their skills and therefore be able to apply them effectively back in the work place.


Course content can be adapted to match the needs of your business and to incorporate elements of any existing project methodology, if required.

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