Performance Management

Managing Performance – Getting the Right Performance from your People


Performance management is about motivating and engaging all your people, building capability and commitment within your organisation.


This is a practical course that introduces the core skills and techniques of performance management along with supporting documentation.  The course works well for those who are going to hold conversations for the first time – as well as those who have had some practice.  It covers managing your poor performers as well as developing and motivating your high performers.

The core content of the course includes:

  • Understanding Performance Management: Why Manage Performance?  What are the benefits? Are there drawbacks?
  • Listening Skills: How to understand more about the people you work with and be able to respond to their individual desires/motives.
  • Questioning Skills: How to phrase questions in a way that encourages the speaker to talk more and explain more about what is happening for them.
  • Motivation: How to recognising the wide range of elements that motivate people and help them to go further by understanding their specific motivations.
  • Relationships: How performance management helps to build the relationship between you and the members of your team.
  • Skills Practice: Explore putting the skills into practice


The course is practical, with opportunity to consider how you will apply the tools and techniques in your situation to help your team perform at the top level.

Course content can be adapted to match the needs of your business and to incorporate elements of any existing process, if required.

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