Exceptional Outplacement

What is outplacement?


Outplacement is the assistance organisations can offer employees who are going through transitions in their careers, usually due to redundancy, reorganisation, merger or acquisition.

Support may be practical or emotional and is designed to help individuals consider their options and take the best course of action.

It also allows organisations to fully support those going through change whilst focussing on day-to-day operations.



Our Approach


Every business is different and every business change programme has its own unique challenges and requirements, so we work with our clients to discover their specific needs.

At an initial meeting we will listen to your needs, discuss with you the range of support that we can provide and build a bespoke programme for your business, being careful to work within your budget and timescales.

We approach outplacement from a coaching perspective, believing that at times of change people need to reconnect to the things that are important to them and be supported to decide upon and then plan the next chapter in their life.

Once you have agreed the details of the programme, we will provide you with a detailed proposal, which will include costs, delivery plan and information about the consultants who have been allocated to work with you.



Why exceptional outplacement matters


In any business, building good employee relationships is vital to success however; a good ending is just as important as a good beginning. Just like a good book, you don’t want be let down and disappointed by a poor ending – the same is true about an employee relationship.

Exceptional outplacement is all about doing the right thing.

Business change is inevitable and employees are likely to have experienced this at some stage in their careers, but the key to doing it successfully is to handle it sensitively.

By balancing the needs of both the business and the individuals, you can help those transitioning to leave with a positive memory of their role and of the support provided by the business as they move into their next role or chapter of life.

Investing in outplacement support can therefore help protect business reputation and brand as it reduces the risk that leavers will resort to legal action and sends a positive message to those who remain in employment.



“Investing in outplacement support can help you protect your business reputation and brand.”

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