Where can Coaching help?


New and Aspiring Leaders

Are you new to leading a team?
Do you want to develop to be a Team Leader?
Coaching is great for existing or aspiring leaders, who may have had little or no leadership development or management training.  Coaching will help people learn about their strengths and development areas, whilst supporting them in developing the skills and techniques needed to be an effective Team Leader or Manager.



High Potential Coaching

Who are your next Senior Leaders?  Are they ready?
Who are your current Leaders?  Are they really performing at the right level?
And … Who is ready to take your role?
At this level, everyone has specific development needs, and training courses are often too generic to provide the support required for the individual.
Coaching for high performance ensures people are performing at their absolute best and builds the skills needed to overcome ‘roadblocks’ impacting performance



Executive Coaching

The demands on top Executives are high!
As a Senior Leader, who can you explore your challenges with? Executive Coaching supports you by providing a confidential and challenging ‘ear’ and by encouraging you to explore your ideas and goals from different perspectives.
Executive Coaching requires you to move away from the operational elements of your role and explore the strategic viewpoint and look to the future.



Coaching Through Change

When businesses go through major change, Senior Leaders who are impacted by the change often need support as they are facing new challenges personally, as well as managing the impact on their teams. A coaching programme can help people in understanding their own response to the change and support them in preparing for difficult communications and conversations as well as dealing with any potential internal conflict for themselves.



Designing a Coaching Programme

All Coaching Programmes are tailored to the needs of the individual, team or business and will typically include:


  • Establishing the purpose, goals and outcome of the coaching
  • Agreeing the coaching or mentoring format – individual / small group / team
  • An agreed number of coaching sessions or events (usually monthly)
  • Supporting development sessions on key topics & models – e.g. Bridges Model, Kubler-Ross, Situational Leadership, Performance Management,
  • Support between sessions – by phone / email

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